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Demi and Selena LAUGH in the face of your ups and downs.Selena isn't quite sure why Demi felt a need to make her opinions public, rather than contact Taylor privately.but in the show they might be so just wait and watch!OMG Yes he does I read it in a magazine No, he is totally single right now.Come along for the ride and share the excitement as Sonny lives her dream!Bonus Features Include: MACKENZIE FALLS Season Finale Cliffhanger Short -- Watch The Rival Show That Everyone's Talking About!On the plus side, Sonny's costars Zora (Allisyn Ashley Arm), Nico (Brandon Smith), and Grady (Doug Brochu) are quickly gaining an appreciation for Sonny and her sense of humor. Sonny tries to smooth things over with a peace picnic, but she quickly discovers that just because a concept works in Wisconsin, that doesn't mean it will work in Hollywood.In "Cheater Girls" it looks like Tawni and Sonny are finally starting to get along and work collaboratively, but geometry threatens the girls' friendship as well as their participation in that week's show.

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She claims that the fans of Sonny With A Chance will love co-star Sterling Knight and he’ll be a big heartthrob within the next year. " gets the day off and goes to the beach, who do they run into but the star himself, Chad Dylan Cooper. I did not steal this idea from anyone, so I apologize if there is a story similar to this, it is pure coincidence. You might already know Sterling from his role as resident dreamboat Chad Dylan Cooper on .Sterling Knight: The character is Alex O'Donnell, basically I'm a kid who completely lies to his dad and tells him everything he wants to hear, like I'm captain of the basketball team, I'm popular, everything is going great, when in reality, I'm the school punching bag. When Mike makes the transition to being his 17-year-old self, he comes in and realizes how his life is falling apart.