Desi speed dating nyc

Websites like this also hold speed dating events at local bars and lounges which are helpful and quick ways to meet single ladies who do not have time to waste in finding a mate.If you are in search of a more traditional match that takes in to account things like religion and other characteristics you can turn to your local religious temples or churches.The places also provide a much more exotic setting, which is always a refreshing change from the run of the mill nightclub.Going to these places you can always be sure that there will be other desis there.Bringing together comfortably chic venues with a cosmopolitan sensibility.A sophisticated no frills approach to singles events.This concept gives birth to the new age ideology of “love come arranged” marriages.

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Recurring events like Basement Bhangra at the club Sounds of Brazil, Bollywood Nights at Tonic, Lotus Fridays and Saavn’s Friday’s at Earth provide the perfect platform for anyone looking to meet singles in the area.These otherwise traditional institutions are realizing that the new generation is not interested in traditional match making arrangements.In order to keep up with this trend the temples sometimes sponsor local community events to narrow the meeting pool even more.We've done away with the whistles, name-tags and over the top party trimmings.Unparalleled service and personable hosts all in an environment - just your speed.