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Guys who play games just eliminate themselves from dating confident, secure women. As a guy who is actively looking for a relationship with the right woman (and who is on Match) and who is cute, successful, in shape, socially adept, and a nice guy (not to mention modest), I have a perspective on this that might be helpful to the women out there.The reason why there is so much advice out there for guys is because, well, women can be hard to date.Many people who give dating advice have been married for 30 years and don’t know anything about dating.

In this incarnation of my dating life I have decided that I am not going to chase men.

Or e-mail me endlessly on but never ask to meet me face to face. I guess I’ll start with how I give dating advice, and how I think it’s different than many of the other sources out there.

What do you think of the role reversal being promoted by sites such as Ask Men (they call it “The System”) Do you think many men are following that advice ? Like many people, my perspective has been shaped by my own experience.

But unless you want to attract a guy like that, why would you care what such men think?

3) I am married and in an incredible relationship because I followed my own advice.