Does mandating health care violate constitution

But religious organizations and employers have been repeatedly and successfully challenging the Obama administration on the rules.

The organizations and employers argue that by mandating birth control coverage, the government was forcing them to violate their own beliefs.

The results may help some citizens, but it is almost always at the loss of rights of others.

The current health care law is a prime example of national law that oversteps state jurisdiction and results in the loss of rights of state citizens.

Ultimately, that was the reason for the 14th Amendment.On Friday, Ultraviolet, a women’s group, erected a sordid monument to that spectacle behind the White House: A large screen replayed the vulgar video on a nonstop loop for 12 hours.And some women’s activists indicated they intend to make things personal as they protest the Trump administration’s stance on reproductive issues.It also infringes on the responsibility of municipalities and states to protect those rights.If Congress oversteps its constitutional bounds in this manner, it is the right and responsibility of the states to overrule Congress and protect the Life, Liberty and Property of state citizens.