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Not if you enlist the help of that four-legged canine cupid bouncing around your feet.That’s right: your dog, in addition to being your very best friend, may also be your best asset on the “ruff” and rocky road to romance.Pro-tip: For more options, your local council website will have a list of every park in your area.It will include a map of dog-friendly spaces within each park; on-lead/off-lead times; and info on amenities, accessibility, cafes etc 2. If you and BF are movie buffs, take your BFFL along to a film at Blacktown Drive-In Cinemas.There are various dog-free and on-lead areas inside the park, check the signs.

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Motto: “The pet owners dating network”Cost: Free Pet People Meet allows members to search for other dog owners using ultra-detailed search criteria that any matchmaking mom would love, and focuses on doggie play date meet-ups in addition to traditional dating.

LIKE MANY SINGLES, YOU CAN’T STAND THE BAR SCENE, FEEL awkward making small talk at parties—and if your parents try to set you up with one more aesthetically-challenged loser, you’re going to put yourself up for adoption.

Does this mean you’re doomed to remain perpetually single, forever adrift in a sea of smug marrieds and other annoyingly happy snugglers?

Are you living the 'house, husband hound' lyf (sic) and want to do more with the hubby and puppy? The whole area is off-lead 24/7, so you can relax with a book while your dog runs a muck. Explore the miniature worlds as each garden is themed as a different continent.

Here are some cute and classy date ideas to enjoy with everyone's favourite family member- your fur baby! But of all the dog parks in Sydney, there are three that stand out to me. Glebe Foreshore- Stunning views and access to the water are the highlights of this often quiet park. Right as you enjoy watching the docked fishing boats bobbing below Victoria Bridge. Fagan Park- About 45 mins north west of Sydney CBD, this quirky gem is perfect for a packed picnic.