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" (Note: Bertolucci had called Keanu up, asked if he'd like to come over, and then laid out the role for him saying that he thought Keanu's innocence would suit the role; it wasn't an unannounced visit, as seen here. I never remember what he wears at all." Better if he wore nothing at all.

Alas, in "Chain Reaction" Reeves spent most of his screen time in a parka! Of course, it would have been lousy even if Keanu had been nude throughout.

"It could be that the men are not interested, or they may be involved with someone else--but it's easier for them to label the men as gay." The final and most pervasive agenda that fuels same-sex speculation is our ridiculously prurient society's unprecedented demand for gossip. This is what he told USA Today just last fall: "It's, you know, the whole aspect of coming out.

The gay visibility boom is coinciding with the other information boom, and the two are feeding off each other. I mean, there is a whole, people, you know, who are gay (who) have decided that it can be--that whole thing about calling people out..." Well, how confused can you get?

by John Patrick Keanu Reeves has never tried wearing a dress, at least on screen, but he did manage a credible performance as a bisexual hustler in "My Own Private Idaho." "There's nothing wrong with being gay," Keanu Reeves told Vanity Fair, "so to deny it is to make a judgment. " David Geffen maintains that the rumor about his "marriage" to Keanu was started up not by gays out to appropriate Reeves for their own but by somebody simply "out to hurt Keanu." Geffen further asserts that some rumors that falsely portray straight men as gay can be attributed to women scorned.

Imagine you are leafing through this script paying special attention to the character you've been asked to play, whose names is Jjaks (not a misprint but perhaps an indication of the unbearably arch quality of things to come). "A this point, would you not simply close the script and return it whence it came, perhaps with a note attached to the effect that whoever sent you this mess of pigeon shit must be crazy?

We say that because the Impression we get of the actor in his latest Vanity Fair interview is that of a messy ragpicker in need of a shower. Rough and Tumble to get around persistent rumors that he is gay.

And get around them he does." One talk show host in Tampa told me that when the star show up for a live interview, "he stunk to high heaven." Obviously your dream date with Keanu would have to start out with a long hot shower!

Still I was quite charmed by Reeves, who is unfailingly graceful and courteous despite the indignities gravity already is wreaking on his jawline... With eyes colder than a Midwest winter glinting behind his hornrims, Freeman radiates power and intelligence from every pore.

Unlike Reeves who hurls himself pell-mell into playacting, Freeman exerts Machiavellian control by seeming to do nothing at all." Keanu's other major effort in 1996, "Feeling Minnesota," was 'so utterly inept, period, that you have to wonder why reputable actors signed on to it," Taubin said.