E mails for computer dating

TB displays the time of the Date header in the Date column, whereas most other clients display the Received time for their ' Date'.sfhowes - I checked the headers on the problem messages and the "date" attribute is missing on every one of them.If you get a message back from your ISP that the email couldn’t be sent, double check that you sent it to a valid email address first. Check that you have set up the account properly in Outlook Express (Outlook). You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. So, the date header is most definitely incorrect and that probably explains whey TB is just showing the date and time the message was first loaded into the client.

The difference is only significant when the Date header is incorrect, but it should probably be better documented for the unwary user.

The received headers will show the date & times the various servers recorded when they handled the e-mail, and those dates & times will be correct.

Note that any e-mail program can put whatever date & time it wants into the "Date:" header of the e-mails they send.

Not really sure what to think about that but at this point I think we cam mark this issue as resolved.

Messages with missing date headers are not going to display correctly in TB and as you point out this is by design.