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This means that for the fundamentalist, at least when he is arguing his case, the opponent is not fully real.

He is not a three-dimensional person, with all the credibility real persons bring with them.

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You think these things are mail safe or should I pack it in another box?These elementary errors of historical fact do nothing to establish the Quran’s historical reliability.It seems clear that it was written by a brilliant story-teller who had only a passing and inaccurate knowledge of Jewish and Christian traditions.To try to deny this by saying “of course it was an entirely different Haman” is fundamentalism.(I thought of asking my Muslim friend how an Egyptian prime minister came to have a Persian name, but decided against it.) I have met many fundamentalists in my time—Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, even some Christians. For them, outer fact is determined in advance by their dogma, and no argument is allowed to dislodge this priority.