Eleo dating

They're the ones clapping wildly and making extravagant faces, laughing or crying at the Leo's theatrics.

Both signs easily fall into moods that cloud thinking.

Money could be a sticking point since Leo is a big spender and Cancer a spendthrift.

But as players and artists, they have a lot to offer each other and could create magic through creative collaboration.

Leo may not be able to reassure the sensitive Moonchild. Leo craves an admiring audience and won't find one in a Cancer that's needy, clingy, and raining on the Leo's parade.

Leos want to feel proud of their mate and won't have the patience for the Crab's moments of panicking in public and being overwhelmed by insecurity.This situation worsens if the Lion grows disdainful, which Cancer senses immediately.Leo has the comic gifts to lighten the Moonchild's dark moods but won't want this to be a full-time job.Cancer will likely intuit the Leo need for approval but grow resentful if it feels too one-sided.If this isn't overcome, neither may feel that their needs are met.