Error updating db file on disk

To work around this issue, change the LDIF file name so that it does not contain double-byte characters.

When using a browser running in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean locales, logs generated by Directory Service Control Center when creating a server instance contain garbage.

When an entry is defined with password expiration in a version where these attributes are defined, the entry contains the attribute.

When that entry is replicated to a supplier that runs an earlier version, the supplier cannot process any modifications to that entry.

To work around this issue perform the following commands on the Common Agent Container where the new server instance is to be created.

command allows you to configure how Directory Server handles invalid plug-in signatures.

To work around this limitation, either use a directory for To work around this limitation, the LDAP modify replace sub-operation can be substituted for the add or delete sub-operation. Furthermore, the state of the DSA configuration is more predictable following the change.An additional condition can cause immediate expiration when you run Directory Server in version 5 password policy mode.If you enabled password expiration in the past, and then turned expiration off, Directory Server still has timestamps on attributes. The import process does not generate these attributes.To work around this limitation, add rather than import the entries.Alternatively, preprocess the LDIF to add the attributes before import.