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If it can be updated by pressing , I want it updated.

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No error occurs, but the Batch Collision Count and Batch Collisions properties will indicate the number of conflicts and the rows affected by conflicts, respectively (ODBCDirect workspaces only). In an ODBCDirect workspace, you can do batch updates, provided the cursor library supports batch updates, and the Recordset was opened with the optimistic batch locking option. In a Microsoft Access workspace, when the Recordset object's Lock Edits property setting is True (pessimistically locked) in a multiuser environment, the record remains locked from the time Edit is used until the Update method is executed or the edit is canceled. Last Name ' Restore original data because this is a demonstration. $B:$C' (no quotes) Click ' OK'. (If it works in other versions, all the better; I originally had this problem with Word 2007, and nothing seems to have changed since then.) This includes cross-references, page numbers, tables of contents, indexes, headers, etc.