Extramarital internet dating

Anything that is app- driven will definitely gain traction on the Internet,” said Rajat Wahi, partner, management consulting, at Deloitte India.

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Women using the site on a weekly basis outnumber men three to one.The idea is to create a space where extramarital encounters are confidential and discreet,” she said, adding that the site offers anonymity to its members and is safe to use.The company, which has operations in several European countries, Latin America and Brazil is now eyeing India to cash in on the 0 million online dating market in the country.Being a global website, Gleeden has been available for use in India since inception, but the company had not viewed India as a potential market until the number of subscribers from the country rose.“In India, we had natural subscriptions without any sort of marketing or advertising. We are growing month on month here and now, we want to market the product,” said Paillet, adding that the company is only looking at digital marketing and advertising as of now.Of the total subscribers Gleeden has in India, 75% are men.