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And there were ample parties and meet-and-greets, all predicated on the success of the industry and the opportunities it affords.The event that brought Moreno Cabanillas to Grand Central Tech was different, however.Moreno Cabanillas mentioned working in Turkey but not speaking Turkish, and recalled a time when, as a neophyte mineral trader, the sale of a few thousand tons of iron ore had gone awry.That incident ended, she said, with her “chasing the cargo with a very angry Chinese client in the back of the car.” The important lesson, she added, was learning “how to wake up the morning after like nothing had happened” and to try again. “To realize that your partners and team want to stop, it’s like a big punch in the head.”Discussions about failure may come more easily in America in part because our businesspeople are so good at it.Organized in part by the young-professionals division of the Americas Society, it was titled “Failing to Succeed,” and it addressed the flip side of entrepreneurship.Among the panelists joining Moreno Cabanillas was John Qualter, the American-born co-founder of a 3-D body-mapping platform called Bio Digital.

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(Tad Friend recently took an in-depth look at Marc Andreessen, one of the leaders in this field.) And the fact that these investments are concentrated in a relatively small number of companies has not seemed to inspire much fear in prospective entrepreneurs.Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the stars of “Broad City,” talked about their leap from the Web to world domination.The big-data guru Nate Silver sat down with NY1’s Pat Kiernan.When he mentioned how his friends and family had thought that, in spite of the risks, it was very cool that he was starting his own company, Moreno Cabanillas rolled her eyes.A third member of the panel, Leonardo Mirón, a Mexican entrepreneur who was raised in France, explained Moreno Cabanillas’s discomfort.