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I've discovered more about myself since I became a model, I'm more playful, I've lost my inhibitions and I've discovered I'm a good entertainer. I would like for both of us to enjoy our session so if there is anything you like, let me know.maybe we can work something out! I'm still a lil boy, I love toys and I wanna play with toys! Also, I wanna get into the Mile High Club and go on a Gay Cruise.I love being rimmed, I like being watched while I masturbate and reading your dirty talk describign everythign you would do me if we were in the same room!I love to make you happy, but also I love to be in control of everything, I love to give pleasure, but rough, I like to dominate in every way, it has to be my way, and you will tell how you want it and I will give to you but I am in charge.

I fantasize about being spoiled and shown I'm worth a lot to the person spoiling and spending time with me. Lately, professor having sex with younger student(me being student).I like stroking it and flexing for my sugar daddy making him drool and want to feel me up from head to toe.I ask for respect and I fall in love with compassionate people.After that, the researchers pored through the audio recorded during the date and created an automated system that divided up the linguistic elements of the conversation — all the vocabulary, the pauses, the inflections. The system could tell with 71.5 percent accuracy if the women were flirting with men, the men were only correct 56.2 percent of the time.Women were closer to the course — they were 62.2 percent accurate, while the system was 69 percent accurate.“We have presented a new system that is able to predict flirtation intention better than humans can, despite humans having access to vastly richer information (visual features, gesture, etc.),” the researchers, who are presumably pitching an app, wrote.