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So I began to formulate a radical form of therapy to save the marriages and families of these women, to prevent the inevitable divorces that happen so often.

All these primal facts were consistent only if natural female behaviour was wild and sex-crazed.It was only the strippers and whores who had broken free, exploring their natural tendencies. I began to understand that if this was a true primal urge in most women and that society and women themselves are secretly aware that this urge needs to be suppressed, then it may be the cause of great sexual frustration that leads to the fantasies that were so commonly admitted to.Regular relationship sex did not do anything to ‘get the juices flowing’ so to speak or to calm these urges.Then they seem to get an attack of moral outrage at their own behaviour and reel themselves back from the brink of carnality.In further readings of evolution and prehistory I was hugely surprised to find that marriage was actually an invention of men, set in place to control the lascivious nature of women, that civilisations like the ancient Babylonians understood this darker side in women.