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An accomplished arts administrator who had also struggled with nightmares, anxiety, and depression, Truman Reed Jr. Deerfield officials said they couldn’t substantiate the allegations, but last August the school settled for almost 0,000 with Reed’s estate. There is no research available on the prevalence of abuse at private schools and whether it is more common than in public schools, where one federal study found nearly 10 percent of students are targets of unwanted sexual attention by educators in grades K-12.

had never even told his wife what had happened.“Will I ever be completely free of the trauma I experienced at Deerfield? But boarding schools, in particular, present unique opportunities for educators to have close contact with students.

Then one night, Starr said, Dallmann served him a mix of Tang and vodka, got him to pose naked for pictures on a bed, and performed oral sex on him.

ever happened in the school”The story made national news on Dec. “Lucrative Child-Sex-For-Sale Ring Involved Prominent Men,’’ read one headline in a Fitchburg newspaper.Last December, the Globe revealed the ordeal of Anne Scott, who as a young woman was pressured into signing a gag order about her alleged rape by St. Since Scott’s revelations, lawyers for victims say they have received credible allegations that nearly 50 alumni were sexually abused — most by staff, some by other students.This video interview with sexual abuse survivor Anne Scott contains content that some viewers may find disturbing. In March, after questions from a Globe reporter, Phillips Exeter Academy acknowledged it had failed to disclose that an award-winning teacher and administrator, Rick Schubart, had admitted in recent years to sexual misconduct with two students in the 1970s and 1980s.“There’s no blueprint about how to handle a horrible history like this.’’ On Thursday, in anticipation of the publication of this article, he sent a letter updating the Fessenden community on the ballooning allegations but named no additional alleged abusers.For Starr, the school’s actions are inadequate, and he has become impatient enough to speak publicly about his experience.“I want [Fessenden] to take complete responsibility for what I now know to be a history of lies and deceptions around what was going on there,’’ said the 58-year-old filmmaker, who is writing a book about his ordeal.