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She slid her hand back down and moved it up to my groin, rubbing over the thin meterial. On the outside of my shorts, her hand was palming my balls and the bottom of the shaft. The scene on-screen had evelved into a threesome; another well built man had entered the picture and was getting blown by both chicks at once. 'Yes I do.' I tried to look casual as I stirred the pot.

Wendy giggled like a little girl and reached up with her other hand to pull up her undersized nightshirt, wich had already ridden up around her belly.

About an hour passed since we finished eating; no sign of anything. I couldn't help but notice that her nipples were poking against the fabric of her bra and shirt. My sister Wendy had smallish, but very cute breasts that seemed to be all nipple at their tips. Her nipples poked out of her little boobs like spikes. She picked up the phone and punched in the numbers for the movie we agreed on. In a minute or two we were presented with an extreme close-up of a blonde girl sucking a huge cock!! She pulled it over her head and put it behind her neck, my hand falling on her shoulder. She put one foot up on the couch, leg bent at the knee; her legs were generously spread. I could see the small flowered panties she was wearing, barely covering her pussy. Maybe we can show each other some stuff...' She caught me looking at her barely covered bush and looked at me seductively.

Wendy was sitting at the dining room table doing some homework and glancing over at the tv. I passed something that Wendy wanted to see, apparently; she asked me to back up a few channels. Though they weren't huge, they were my favorite part of her anatomy. The logo in the corner of the screen said 'Extreme Heat'. I could see the crotch of her panties with minimal effort.

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'Oh, my God...' she said, a pained expression on her face. But then she made herself perfectly clear: 'My god, that was fucking intense!! I don't know what's come over us..that was awesome...' She was still under the influence, no doubt. We bickered a bit (as usual) about who would get the bathroom first. While I showered, Wendy drank her morning coffee on the sunporch in her robe.

We ate and chatted, the usual, half watching tv and half catching up on smalltalk. I watched the hardbodies and babes strutting there stuff for a bit, fuming at how stupid and desperate I'd been. I turned to get up to take a leak and was a little surprised to see Wendy staring at the tv screen intently. ' I broke her concentration and she shook herself out of it like she was in a trance. I took a quick shower and decided to up the ante a little. I could even hear her panting in the afterglow of her orgasm. I trotted to my room and slipped on a pair of boxers. It was inches away from my pecker; the thin meterial of my boxers perfectly accentuating the shape of my stiff dick. ' She watched as the schedule scrolled down the screen; I think I know what she was looking for. This guy's cock was enormous; the blonde was having a difficult time getting her jaw around it... A scene began featuring a very well built guy and a small, petite girl who fucked doggy-style for what seemed like a half hour; Wendy was obviously unaware that she had been leaning into my side for a while, her tit pressing into my ribs. It's been a while...' I cleared years worth of stuff off of the weight bench and started collecting the weights from the closet. I'm in no hurry.' she made no attempt to keep covered. 'And you're gonna have to change into something more...comfortable if you want to work out.' I dropped my hand, pretending to expect her to have closed her robe hastily. Her hair was still a little damp and she looked incredibly sexy standing in my room wearing only her tiny panties.

And he had better be right; I paid a ridiculous sum for this particular item. My heart rate increased as I closed the lid on her pizza box. While I plotted my revenge against the little guy who sold me that useless crap, at least I'd get a rise out of the action on the tv screen. My cock was hardening as I entered the bathroom and closed the door. The old man didn't tell me what to look for, but either I was crazy or my sister was getting seriously turned on by a tv show... She came with an intense yell barely muffled by her pillow, but still clearly audible to me. ' She had sort of a wild look in her eye, as if she had alot of energy and didn't know how to use it. I sat down and began surfing and she sat next to me. 'Let me flick,' she asked, hand out reaching for the remote. She was staring at the larger than life blowjob taking place on the screen in that trance-like state again... This is kind of strange, I mean--' she stopped me there. I think if the smoke alarm over our heads went off, she wouldn't have flinched. ' I held up a hand in front of my eyes as if embarassed for her.

I repositioned a little bit so I could continue fingering her dripping pussy. She sat cross-legged in the deck chair and the robe rode pretty high up her thigh, as well.

She was now basically an all fours on the couch sucking me so I reached across her back, and found her mound underneath her asshole.