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The most important goal is to make sure your child’s online relationship is safe, not phony and not one that may put your teen in harm’s way.

Here are some of the steps you and your teen can take to make sure the person they’re engaging with is legit and not a fake profile, catfish or possibly an online predator.

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A simple Google search will reveal many teen dating sites where your teen can engage with anyone from anywhere.

Online predators lay in wait for vulnerable teens looking for a relationship.

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As a result of their constant online presence and interactions, they are at risk for being preyed upon by online predators, identity theft, scams, online fraud, phishing and the latest risk—catfishing.

That’s why it’s so important when teens are using social networking sites for teens to know everyone on their friend list in real life and delete them if they don’t (Not friends of friends).

Parents need to pay attention to their teen’s “friends” lists too. Because a recent study found that one third of teens girls meet up in person with someone they only know and met online. Chatroom sites, dating sites, and gaming sites with chat capability are all venues where online predators hang out.

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