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The sharia police have registered 13,000 offences between 20, the head of the unit, Zulkarnain, tells .

He says “minor violations” of sharia law don't usually end up in the sharia court, even though the law states that three violations to the Islamic dress code requirements are punishable by caning. Serious violations, such as adultery and non-marital sex, are handled more severely.

On the pier by the port, several couples brave the law by sitting closely together, sometimes holding hands.

Luckily for them, the sharia police don't seem to be coming this evening.

There, several police kick the fallen man, while one officer stands guard.

The man was identified by colleagues and in photographs as Civic Party member Ken Tsang Kin-chiu.

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An effort by police to clear protesters' barricades near government offices, which mushroomed into a melee involving 45 arrests and cries of police brutality, started with a casual comment posted on the local online chat room Hong Kong Golden.

Police said they had launched an investigation into the incident.

It's almost sunset in Banda Aceh and the locals rush towards Ulee Lheue beach before the barrier goes down.

They mobilised people via the [internet] and vowed to let the police pay the price." At about 2.45am hundreds of police officers marched west and east on Lung Wo to Tamar Park, trapping hundreds of protesters.

Using pepper spray and riot shields, the officers collared some and dragged them away, leaving people to try to flee the enclosed area, some by climbing over the barricades on Tim Wa Avenue. His pleas were drowned out by the protesters' screams.