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He played the Artful Dodger in a school production of Oliver Twist.

Although he’s become world famous for his work on the Walking Dead, Andrew actually admitted to not watching the show: “The original reason is the fact that I don’t actually enjoy looking at myself…

After enjoying massive success in British sitcoms and dramas, Andrew made the move to Hollywood when he landed his massive role in AMC’s hit show.

He got his big break playing Egg in the BBC drama This Life, and is famous across the ocean for playing Simon on the BBC Channel 4 sitcom Teachers and Mark in the British romantic comedy Love Actually.

And also because of the directorial choices that possibly, because I’ve done it, make you go, “Oh, there’s a take that blah-blah-blah.” But mainly because I did it for a while, I watched it, and it’s a self-conscious thing of watching myself and going, “Oh I like it when I do that.

That’s kind of cool.” “Oh, I don’t like it when I do that.” And that defeats the object of what I want to do as an actor, which is to try and be in the role and not be self-conscious.

First hand reading of basic books enables aspirant to tackle questions of different dimensions. A fortnightly magazine like Frontline is a must to enhance understanding about current events related to India and abroad.

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But positively, you may feel inclined towards spirituality and religion to some extent.

On the other hand, if you are unmarried, your love affair would likely flourish this month.

Love life would become a source of happiness for you.

A foreign trip for leisure purposes is also in the cards for you.

On the career front, some disputes & quarrels are likely which might disturb work atmosphere.