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A SAINT, one might say, is a man or woman who was willing in life to suffer intensely for the love of God and who retained his faith, confidence, hope, cheerfulness and spirit of charity through all his sufferings.

Today, the Feast of All Saints, is a good day to honor saintly heroism. WHAT power do the people have against rogue judges like Colleen Kollar-Kotelly?

Humiliating and sometimes vicious personal attacks at the age of 14 from her parents, teachers, neighbors, the local clergy and police (who threatened her with arrest) when she claimed she had seen visions of a beautiful lady. The burden of celebrity when later many believed her visions were real. It was tedious and unwanted by her but she handled it with humility and patience. Persecution from a superior at a convent who falsely believed she was full of herself and seeking attention. Modern democracy, by its very nature, leads to progressive decadence.

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We may, at times, enjoy various pleasures, and partake of the good things of this life.

They lived for heaven, fought for heaven, and gained heaven.

Their joy, then, is a victor’s joy, the greatest and sincerest of all the delights which can be tasted by the heart of man.

Othello would have been one, if his simplicity had not been so great as to leave him the prey of every base practice round him; but he is the only example even approximating to the heroic type.

Coriolanus—Caesar—Antony stand in flawed strength, and fall by their vanities;—Hamlet is indolent, and drowsily speculative; Romeo an impatient boy; the Merchant of Venice languidly submissive to adverse fortune; Kent, in , is entirely noble at heart, but too rough and unpolished to be of true use at the critical time, and he sinks into the office of a servant only.