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Dios dijo que queria ser probado, por nosotros mismos y por aquellos que nos rodean y los que estan alrededor del mundo.

Cuando el profeta Malaquias escribia el texto "pruébenme en esto", se dirigia a una generacion muy parecida a la nuestra. Ellos querian volver a Dios, y, Dios inmediatamente les hizo ver sus prácticas de robarle Sus Diezmos y sus ofrendas.

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Fufu is a generic name for food you swallow during the eating process.In some languages, the word for eat means "", but rice had always been my nemesis.No matter how hard I tried, it was either too soft, the bottom was burnt, or it was too hard (not fully cooked). No matter that I did what the box said, or what someone else had told me, I couldn't get it right.Short-grain rice may be almost oval or round in shape.Of the three types of rice, it has the highest percentage of amylopectin, the starch that makes rice sticky, or clump together, when cooked.