Friending someone you39re dating

Older generations still seem biased toward more traditional telephone use.For those in their 30s, 35% say a phone call is an acceptable way to follow up with someone you’d be interested in dating after the first meeting, compared to 10% who think a text message is okay.While 19.4% of men say it’s acceptable to become Facebook official after multiple dates, only 10.7% of women say the same; 78.5% of women say they’ll wait until they’re mutually exclusive, compared to 63.5% of men.Carly Rae Jepson’s hit might not have resonated if it were titled “Text Me Maybe.” However, younger generations consider a text to only be slightly less acceptable than a phone call, when touching base with a love interest.

While Facebook’s relationship status feature is hardly binding, most of us hold strong opinions on the best time to lock in your details — and conclusions vary from women to men.Respondents who friended their SO before the first date had relationships that lasted over social media, probably had more luck because they assumed less about them from shared photos and videos.They probably spent more time actually getting to know their SO face-to-face, getting a clearer picture of that person, instead of a curated one.To see how this finding played out IRL, dating site Whats Your surveyed 14,000 people about their last relationships to determine how being friends on social media affected those relationships long-term.The survey divided the respondents into three groups based on when the person friend requested their SO: before their first date, right after the first date and a month or more after the first date.