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Background Summary Gerry’s background includes over 24 years within the manufacturing operations for a large Irish owned multinational food sector organisation.His career incorporated production and operations management roles, HR functions and T&D Manager.Since then, some of his notable learning experiences included; Diploma Business & Life Coaching, Certified Management Coach, Certified Coach Trainer with Coaching Development, Certificate in Coach Supervision and Mentor Coaching.The last 30 years of his in-depth analysis of coaching and different approaches to leadership development has lead him to attain the title of MCC (Master Credentialed Coach) level of credential with the ICF (International Coach Federation) which is its top level of award and he is currently THE ONLY COACH IN IRELAND with this level of credential! If you are looking for not only an Executive Leadership and Senior Management Coach, but a man who trains and develops the top coaches, Gerry is the right choice for you!As the President of Unicef Ireland, Melanie reported to the show live from Kenya where she was highlighting humanitarian efforts in the country.During the interview, the popular radio personality expressed how impressed he was with her work and the other people who had travelled over to Kenya to make a difference.Since the break-up of Gerry's marriage, the father of five has only spoken a handful of times about the experience.In June he explained how he had been getting on with life but the usually open Gerry said that the joint statement he made with his wife would be the only comment he would make on his separation. I'm not the first guy to be separated in marriage," he said.

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Some of his achievements include; Coaching, Leadership and Coach Supervisor Expertise Since 2000, Gerry has been involved in providing coaching and leader facilitation to other companies, and has been working in Ireland and Middle East.Gerry has played a leadership role within the professional coaching sector over many years, dedicated to developing the standards, credibility and professionalism of coaching in Ireland.As a result of this, he is now a member of a ‘supervision circle’ with 10 other coach supervisors based mainly in the UK.Included among his clients are major multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, aviation, electronics and telecoms sectors.His areas of speciality are Leadership and management development, management practice, personal effectiveness, performance improvement, employee engagement and involvement, whole systems thinking, organisational change & change management, performance improvement and team development.