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The hands on Keating Hall’s four-faced clock edge toward 4 p.m. He pulls on strength bands with his hands and repeats a lunging motion with his legs.as Chase Edmonds, Fordham’s All-American tailback, stretches his legs on Murphy Field. He lies on his back and lifts his feet up to harden his core. Injured Rams wear red mesh jerseys with white crosses. Sidelined by a left ankle sprain suffered while cutting back on an inside zone play against Central Connecticut State two weeks ago, Edmonds idles. “I’m gonna really go off.” He performs planks and pushups, crunches and calf-raises.His week is spent passing pain thresholds after missing a full game for the first time in four years as a starter. Off to the side, he takes direct snaps from a teammate and then long snaps back. From period to period, a digital timer is always running on the far sideline.In the interim, Edmonds examines all routes of return.His entire routine is up for review in light of the injury. he just kept on telling me that we're perfect and that everything's okay. It feels so unfair that he hasn't talked to me about what he's feeling and obviously he was shutting me out.

“I’ve busted my ass my whole life just to get a taste of being one of the top players in the FCS level.The Best of Edmonds appears on the projector screen. He notes that on the previous run, he bounced outside, tried to extend it too far and slapped the ball out of frustration while a defender held onto his ankle. He splits defenses with bursts, backs in over the goal line when necessary and demonstrates uncommon balance after contact. He is the coach who recruited Edmonds out of Central Dauphin East in Harrisburg, Pa.Breiner’s high school coach, Bob (Gump) May, an old Marine and Vietnam veteran who lost a toe in a lawn mowing incident, put his former pupil onto Edmonds when he served as defensive coordinator at East.That fact caught up to him on the recruiting trail.Division I teams shied away, worried that Edmonds was not only short on height but a shade too slow, as well.