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While the group focus is primarily on heterosexual concerns, it is all inclusive.

We warmly welcome all who would like a safe and supportive group to discuss issues such as treatment, community resources, dating and disclosure.

Topics typically discussed are: When to start medical treatment? , What does all this mean when I start to date others? For more information about Positive Connections, contact [email protected] call 786-873-8576.

, and The stress of coping with being diagnosed HIV positive. Positive Connections goal is to provide educational, emotional, holistic and social support to those infected and affected by chronic illness, with a special emphasis on the HIV/AIDS community. To schedule your appointment today, contact us at 305-571-9601 (Ext. You can also click here to visit a full list of testing and counseling centers throughout Miami-Dade county.

Topics include dating, coping with HIV status disclosure, dealing with family & friends, staying healthy and more.

Your conception options will vary depending on which partner is HIV-positive.

Test regularly for HIV during the pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

“The positive result almost didn’t compute at first,” Fratti began in a powerful essay for Redbook published on Tuesday, January 24.

“I was in shock that simply sleeping with probably close to a hundred men throughout my 20s …