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Its popularity and reputation grew as people spread the word.

That popularity came to the attention of other publications like was firmly established as one of the top UK dating sites for equestrian singles and country lovers.

The first two were Love Air and Love Sail, both of which continue to serve their respective niches to this day.

In its first incarnation the Love Horse site contained a basic dating site structure with a forum attached.

Other days I am feeling like “Man, the world is MY oyster! Clarity on who you want, what kind of relationship, how you want to go about the whole dating process, etc. Not only that, the easier time you will have communicating it so that your prospective dates are on the same page, or even your friends who can help you in your search!

I am hot, I am single, I am amazing, I am beautiful, and I am ready to put myself out there and will just know when I meet my guy. If I do not know what I am looking for, how will I ever know when I find it? I do even more work with myself when it comes to my wish list. In order for dating to work, there needs to be a level of openness, willingness and honesty.

The game is rated 12 years and older due to it having “moderate violence“.

is the original horse online dating site dedicated to horse lovers.

If you ask me today how I am feeling, I will tell you as of this moment. One day I am feeling very nostalgic and sad and introspective about my relationship that just ended. The clearer you are, the easier time you will have spotting it.

Usaya Co., a Japanese developer has just released a dating game simulator where you play as a cute girl that suddenly meets a fine sturdy horse with a handsome human man- face. We have no idea what this violence could be related to in the game.

This steed known as Uma no Purinsu-sama roughly translates to The Horse Prince. We can only speculate that the violence is related to some sort of kinky Fifty Shades of Grey action.

You have got to realize what you are doing, why you are doing it and how to stay motivated when the uncomfortable, icky, unwanted times present themselves. It is a re-calibration period that happens where you have to get acclimated to this new way of doing things and seeing things.

With exercising (and with dating, thank you very much) the first week or two is never pretty. Your mind, body, heart have to catch up to this new determined direction! My last couple of posts for GMP were about going through a breakup.