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Women, on the other hand, saw their roles in the household enhanced as they juggled to make ends meet.

Sociologists Robert and Helen Lynd noticed this trend in a study of Muncie, Indiana, published in 1937: “The men, cut adrift from their usual routine, lost much of their sense of time and dawdled helplessly and dully about the streets; while in the homes the women’s world remained largely intact and the round of cooking, housecleaning, and mending became if anything more absorbing.” To put it another way, no housewife lost her job in the Depression.

S: The best part of the show so far has been imagining which other types of shows these ladies should be in.Living so close to the edge, women prayed that no catastrophic accident or illness would swamp their tight budgets. “We just did what had to be done one day at a time.” In many ways men and women experienced the Depression differently.Men were socialized to think of themselves as breadwinners; when they lost their jobs or saw their incomes reduced, they felt like failures because they couldn’t take care of their families. Today I’m talking a little more about how to make and store your own pumpkin spice mix. Karen mentions that she’s glad her first marriage didn’t work out because she’s in a much better place now, and then we’re treated to a photo of Baby Karen.