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and I will keep updating this page as and when new designs come in.So please do pop back in every so often and see what new designs we have made for you!If a dead tree does not pose a safety concern, consider leaving it in your yard to provide protected refuge for bats and the insects for they eat. Give the bats the next best thing – a bat house to mimic the space and habitat that a dead tree would normally provide.Building your own bat house is a great way to get involved in bat conservation.If you are unable to keep your cat inside all night, bring it in about a half hour before sunset until an hour after sunset – this is when bats are most active.If your cat has found a bat, s/he may have learned where the roost is and will return – which places the entire colony at risk.We all love our furry feline friends, but cat attacks are one of the most common causes of bat casualties.Keep your cat indoors at night, especially during the summer months when the mothers are taking care of their young.

Apple & Worm Bookmark (Teacher’s Gift) Mickey Mouse Bookmark Kawaii Strawberry Bookmarks Pikachu Bookmark Corner Finding Dory and Nemo Bookmarks Kawaii Ice Cream Bookmarks Donut Bookmark Poke Ball Bookmarks Totoro Bookmark Turtle Bookmarks magical Unicorn Bookmarks – which of course double up as “simple” Horse Corner Bookmarks too! emoji dog/ puppy Panda Bookmark (also great for Kunfu Panda fans!

) Darth Vader Corner Bookmark (fabulous for Father’s Day!

) Whale Bookmark Hedwig Harry Potter Bookmark Summer Fruits (Watermelon) Bookmark Dolphin Corner Bookmark Hello Kitty & Kawaii Kitten Bookmarks Sponge Bob Bookmark Patrick Bookmark Monkey Bookmark Also..

These bookmarks are based on a very , but then, I do cut and embellish. It is so fun to rise to the crafty challenge and come up with new designs for my viewers.

Technically NOT making it an Origami Bookmark (though we do love Easy Origami for Kids). To help you find favourite Bookmark Designs, we have put Fall Corner Bookmark Ideas for Kids post as well as an Easter Corner Bookmark and Summer Bookmark Designs post for you and will be categorising the many many many other Bookmark DIY Designs for you soon! right I have made as many bookmarks as I possibly can.. So I thought I would bring them all together for you in one place..