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If you can wait till you have time to express yourself in a calm, thoughtful and respectful way it will be much safer and healthier and be more likely to produce outcomes that you can both live with.

In the meantime can I suggest you try hanging out with other sex workers and their partners.

All perfectly normal human feelings and common characteristics, in varying degrees, of most loving relationships.

These feelings can be overwhelming or complex or inevitable or over ruling.

Even though your feelings may be irrational it would be unreasonable to expect that you will always be able to ignore them.

If problems persist and you’re sure you’re not just having a moment, this post has some ideas and suggestions that might help you negotiate something more palatable to your sensibilities, whilst being respectful of your partner and their needs.

Or we may enjoy aspects of the work such as the healing and human side or the performance side or maybe even the sex and drama. What can you offer to help meet your partner’s needs in these area.

When considering your partners reasons think outside the square.

Often feelings about this stuff come from possessiveness, jealousy and misconceptions, you might even be experiencing some guilt or shame or fear.Figuring out if there are specific aspects of their work that are bothering you more than others can be hard work and can take time. You want to pinpoint what it actually is about them fucking other dudes for money makes you feel the way you do.You will need to try and be reasonable and open minded here. Don’t be satisfied with a thought like ‘my trigger is my partner fucking other dudes for money’. Is it that you hate them visiting strangers late at night because you are worried about their safety.Believe it or not, not everyone will understand or agree or feel the same way about the same things you do.These feelings might be common, but for each of us it is often different things that bother us.

Imateacher age teaching dating meet children interest live love seeking