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Prisons are not country clubs and the average prison does not serve simply as a vacation spot for criminals. Inmates’ isolation from society might make us sleep better at night, but the truth is that our justice system and sentencing laws need major reform. – Education and rehabilitation in prison can change people and save lives.

Many inmates never used a smartphone, tablet, or computer yet today’s digital society cannot function without them.

Most prisoners will be released into a foreign digital world, a world that has changed by leaps and bounds in the years they spent ‘inside’, and the prison system does nothing to prepare them for that.

Would you help someone in prison understand the new world we live in?

Under their caps and gowns, they wore their green prison pants and white shirts to differentiate them from the outside guests.

Family members could not snap pictures of their loved ones since prison regulations prohibit outside cameras.

When another woman’s name was called, her six-year-old daughter grabbed her hand and dragged her to the stage. The graduates were all serving time and, despite the celebratory mood, prison rules remained firmly in place.

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Still, understanding the importance of higher education, she devoted her afternoons to the tedious tasks involved in creating the college center.

When she returned to New York City, she enrolled in a for-profit college, a move that left her saddled with debt but no diploma.

“After a few failed attempts at higher education, I got involved in street life,” she says.

If a graduate wanted a photo to capture the day, she had to order and pay for photo tickets in advance.

That day, women involved with the prison’s Click Click club took photos of beaming family members, including Wilkins and her family.