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"When you like someone enough, those things don't matter," concurs John Isanhow, a 28-year-old manager.

"I've been dating an Indian girl for six months now, and she is the most amazing person I have ever met.

Sure, there are cultural differences, but when I look at her, I don't think of age or nationality - shes's a person and I'm damn lucy to have her.

I'm not so sure she is lucy to have me, but it has been wonderful. And in my young days a friend said to me "all women want is to get married", a bit harsh, but over the years seems to be true.

It's a topic that has touched the hearts and minds of many bloggers. "But more and more cultures are assimilating as parents loosen up about their expectations that their children only couple with same-culture partners." It seems multicultural dating is on the increase in whopping proportions.

Questions are continually posed to one another: do factors like religion, race and ethnicity really matter in a relationship? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of mixed marriages has grown from 39% in 1974 to 52% in 1998.

And for some people, (this is for Yaz) religion may be important in defining how they live their life.

As Yaz said, it was ok for her, she was non-practising.

You fall in love with the person, not their cultural background, not their address, not their parents."One of the great luxuries of being in Australia is the possibility of an intercultural relationship! "Intercultural marriages are what breaks down social barriers and promotes understanding.Diversity makes the possibility of marriage richer not poorer." Yet often a happy union isn't always the case.Does that mean you are narrow-minded if you'd automatically rule out certain people because of certain cultural preferences? well anything that defines you, how you live, how you think, you grew up, blah blah. Are heterosexuals narrowminded if they wouldn't date a homosexual?I don't think so, it's dumb to say that, it's just because this defines a "foundation stone of their relationship" - no matter how well they think of the person, how much they care for them.