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Through late 2015, he was a singer and the primary creative force behind the electronic pop group Cobra Starship.On November 10, 2015, after nearly ten years and two Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits, Saporta announced that the band would stop its work, and that he would be focusing on helping other musicians through his new venture, The Artist Group.He's said he identifies religiously with Christianity, but added "I'm also a Jew," declaring "it's all the same to me."On the surface, the Upper West Side-raised, Columbia University-attending Vampire Weekend singer might seem like a privileged Jew, but his reality was quite the opposite."My dad grew up in a working-class Jewish neighborhood, and I got a scholarship from my dad's union to go to college," he told JWeekly.Unclear if he was declaring his faith or just mentioning an advantage of the religion, but it's a must-see clip either way.

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He explained in a 2001 interview, "My parents were both from Jewish families. I think the Yiddish language is terrifically expressive. I'm not really sure."The comedian-singer's mother was born Jewish and his father converted with Black's upbringing including Hebrew school and a bar mitzvah.

I was not brought up Jewish in any religious way... As an adult, Black at one time considered himself an atheist, but after his two children were born, he decided to raise them Jewish and goes to synagogue with them.

The singer-actor's practicing religion is unclear though his grandpa was Jewish.

Still, in a viral video skit Efron and Seth Rogen compete to be the cool guy at the office, and Zac reveals he's Jewish and "fully circumcised," wowing his officemates when he whips out his member.