Japanese girls dating foreigners

People like that, like me, with ego beyond their reality, need to be knocked down, don't they? I mean, if it were true that there were some place where beautiful women fell over themselves to be with me based merely on the colour of my skin and the language I speak, then I think a case could be made that I'd be an idiot to go there. It doesn't knock me down because really, although it's an unintended consequence, the concept actually knocks down Japanese women.

The meme of the loser white foreign guy who comes to Japan and reaps the benefits of undeserved attention from Japanese women is epitomized by a comic strip called .

Anyone and everyone is entitled to their fetishes, and if one person is more attracted to another person because of some particular fetish, like height, or success, or breast size, or wealth, or whatever, then sure, what the hell.

My personal opinion is that it absolutely does not matter what makes two people initially attracted to each other, so long as everything is legal, both consent to it, and both treat each other with respect and care when they get together. Japanese women are being portrayed as unable to visually process any reality beyond their fetish.

For example, one fictional Japanese woman is quoted as saying that she only dated a foreigner, who was otherwise unappealing, to annoy her parents.

A weird anachronistic take on familial relations, but okay.

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Being attracted to foreignness on it's own isn't automatically a bad thing.

One example foreign man in the piece describes how he's actually a "hideously ugly loser with personal hygiene issues." See how undeservedly good foreign men have had it here? No Japanese woman, no woman, no functioning human, discounts basic hygiene as a criteria in picking a lover. In the attempt to push the envelope of humour, the result paints Japanese women as being so extreme in their pursuit of foreign men that they are portrayed as making choices that no thinking human would make. Is it racist to fetishize someone because of their ethnicity, or does it just fall into a preference, like for height or eye colour or whatever?

It's so extreme that you could be a complete fucking troll of a man and still do well in Japan. To the degree that you claim Japanese women are oblivious to problems that would repel foreign women, you're buying into an idea that Japanese women are more indiscriminate than other women. Is there at least a grain of truth to the idea that foreign men do better than wherever it is they come from? I don't think there's a blanket answer to that, because it matters why.

Still, even though now I wouldn't really be satisfied with that kind of superficiality, it's not as if my eyes stopped being green or my origins as an English speaker have gone away.

So, if a Japanese woman is considering me for a date, those must factor in. All the qualities that are good or bad depending on who's evaluating them.