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Yet there was a deliberation behind everything he did, including his romances.His love letters describe how he wanted to pleasure women, ignite a woman’s passion’.He studied with Stella at her famous School of Acting --- formidable years in his learning excellent technique.While East of Eden was lensing in Los Angeles in 1954, Brando was invited to the set to meet James Dean who idolized him and ‘was so adoring that he seemed shrunken and twisted in misery’.He just happened to pose with three of the men he had flings with on the set of The Ugly American in 1962, from left, Rock Hudson, Cary Grant and Gregory Peck‘During the day, we played constantly. 'She was all mine; she belonged to me and me alone.Had she known of my blinding worship of her, we would have married…’, Marlon Brando, writing in his own autobiography about his first lover, his housekeeper, Ermi, when he was four.

‘From that day forward I became estranged from the world.

She reconciled with her husband and joined him in the Midwest sending Marlon into a severe depression.

He walked it off on city sidewalks, reading for hours in the Christian Science Reading Room and with the acting teacher, Stella Adler and her family.

On the back of one girl’s sixth-grade class photograph, he wrote: ‘Yours till the ocaen [sic] wears rubber pants to keep its bottom dry. It was also at the Lincoln School in Evanston where he met classmate Wally Cox who later became a comedian and actor in Los Angeles, famous for his character, Mr. They remained close friends for life, both from unstable families with alcoholic mothers. ‘I’m not sure I will ever forgive Wally for dying’, he stated.

‘More than a friend; he was my brother, closer to me than any human being in my life except my sisters.