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Later headstocks bore a resemblance to that of the Gibson Thunderbird bass guitar.Several standard Gibson components were used in the KB, namely a typical EB series humbucker pickup used in many Epiphone basses.The song peaked at #3 on the Hot 100 on 20 December 1969. Kalamazoo has been re-branded to Michigan Flirt.net!Both had roughly a 5W output and a 10" Alnico speaker manufactured by Chicago Telephone Systems (CTS).Both models had volume and tone controls, but Model 2 added a tremolo knob, which set the tremolo frequency or switched it off; there was no tremolo depth control.

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Money was also saved on the pickguard (a single sheet of plastic, not laminated) and the (open-back) tuners.Sales were initially good, and during 1966-67 this was by far the best selling bass made at the Gibson plant. Simultaneously Gibson produced a line of Kalamazoo amplifiers, marketed primarily as budget model practice amps.The first amp introduced, the Model One, began production in 1965 along with the guitars. Both used vacuum tubes for preamplification, rectification, and output.The final models were simply labeled "Bass" without a number.The last run was apparently solid state instead of tube driven.