Legal definition dating violence

Domestic violence laws encompass what has become knows as “dating violence” or “teen dating violence.” The abuse can involve physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual; or involve stalking, texting, or posting of pictures online.

It includes relationships between current or ex- dating partners.

For example, a woman who pushes or shoves her boyfriend during an argument could face jail time.

Minor acts like hair pulling or scratching the skin can trigger a domestic battery charge.

The victim of the alleged violence does not have to formally press charges for you to be arrested and charged.

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There is not one domestic violence law in California.

Youths under 12 will need a parent or guardian to request a restraining order.

Police can issue an emergency protective order lasting for a few days at any time.

Arrest is mandatory in all cases where there is probable cause to believe domestic violence has occurred – and the charge initially is likely to be a felony.

Whether you are charged with domestic battery or domestic violence often means the difference between facing a misdemeanor or a felony conviction.