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According to a new Credit survey, attitudes regarding debt loom large over any relationship, and that's especially true for women.

With Valentine's Day approaching, the scientific survey of 1,005 adults found most Americans consider heavy debt a major turnoff in a relationship.

They also found fecal matter that comes from stool in the gastrointestinal tract.

That's the type of singles ad we'd really place, if we were honest.

There is some leniency depending on the type of debt.

Having more school debt didn't hurt the attractiveness of the person as much as having greater car or credit card debt, Lending Tree found.

Alan Taege, MD, a doctor who treats infectious diseases, says that money and other things that get touched multiple times by different people are likely to pick up all kinds of germs.

Considering how common student loans are these days, it's also probably harder to find someone to date who doesn't have student debt, Bradman said.Credit counselors and family therapists are not surprised.They say their real-life experiences mesh with and confirm the survey's findings.In fact, debt was the biggest relationship killer after dating a workaholic, (which is apparently worse than having no career prospects at all).It's also no surprise that most singles on the dating scene would rather keep quiet about their IOUs.