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If applicable, this tax is paid by the buyer, whether they are Canadian citizens or not.

Closing costs are made up of three costs 1: Land Transfer Tax (LTT): This is collected by the lawyer and remitted to the Provincial Government.

Typically these costs average in the 0 to 0 Cdn range.

3: Legal Fees: This fee would be what the lawyer actually charges you for his time to handle your transaction.

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While Canada’s population is 1/10 of the USA, it’s urban population is virtually identical at 77%.

However, a non-resident is required to pay an estimate of the tax before the sale, an amount equal to 25% of the gain.

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This fee would be what you negotiate with the lawyer.

It is a good idea to check with 2 or more lawyers as some are more negotiable than others.

When buying a property in Canada, an offer must be made in writing so that all aspects of the transaction are clearly outlined within the offer.

Once you (the buyer) have signed the document, it becomes legally binding.