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He has always been upfront with me about not wanting a serious relationship, which I agreed to because frankly, even though I’ve been divorced for two years I don’t feel that I’m ready for that either.He is the first guy that I’ve dated, let alone had sex with, since the divorce.Listen, Charlene, your last paragraph smacks of passive victimhood.And all I’m trying to do here is smack you out of it.(I don’t know what is keeping him busy, he never elaborated.) He did agree that he was pretty inconsiderate of my feelings, but never said anything about calling me again or anything.

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Get angry at yourself for allowing this jackass to treat you like crap – and vow to never let it happen again. Take it from someone who has been in a similar position.

Three months ago, I met someone, 38, no kids, never been married.

We exchanged phone numbers, went out a couple times and ended up having sex on our second date.

Sorry if that sounds like a bit of a verbal bitchslap, but the truth hurts. You could quibble that it would have been nice for him to call you, or maybe write you a note on letterhead, officially establishing his lack of interest. In what culture is “ignoring someone for two weeks” a sign of passion?

As to how you’re not being honest with yourself…at the beginning of your question, you wrote that you don’t want a serious relationship. You got attached, you called him, you texted him, you surprised him at his place, you started getting angry when he didn’t invite you out.