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Broward County also implemented a curfew Saturday at 4 p.m., but as of 9 a.m.Sunday, there were no records of arrests for violations.More information on Juvenile Curfew Laws: Emergency curfews are usually temporary orders that are put in place -- by federal, state, or local government -- in response to a particular crisis, like a natural disaster or ongoing civil disturbance.A few examples of emergency curfews: A city's laws may give the mayor the express power to take certain curfew-related actions in response to a local emergency. Typically, businesses curfews do not apply to late-night pharmacies and bars, but are applicable to restaurants, liquor stores, and other establishments where people may gather.The Baker Act allows authorities to take people into custody who present a danger to themselves or others."I am not going to sign suicide notes for people who are homeless in my community.I am just not going to do it," Ron Book, chairman of the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust, told the Associated Press. About 26,000 people were listed as being inside in response to an unprecedented evacuation order that impacted more than 600,000 Miami-Dade residents.At his Saturday briefing, Gimenez announced the county's lone shelter for people with special medical needs — whose location is only revealed to people who register in advance — was full.

We've all had experience with curfews: as the teenager rushing out of the house, or as the parent calling out "Be home by midnight!

Several South Florida communities have extended Hurricane Irma curfews. Richard Rand of the North Miami Beach Police Department. Even in places without official or extended curfews, officials urge residents to stay off the roads. Unlike other curfews in the county, the Coral Gables curfew only applies to areas covered by a mandatory evacuation order from the county targeting storm-surge-prone areas ahead of the hurricane. Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado told the Herald he planned to announce the city would impose a Saturday curfew starting at 7 p.m. Miami Beach, which is under a mandatory evacuation order, will issue a curfew starting at 8 p.m. But Miami-Dade County is opting not to impose a curfew Saturday, Mayor Carlos Gimenez told reporters Saturday morning. We may experience some hurricane-strength winds,” he said.

The curfews were set on Saturday evening due to dangerous conditions from Category 4 Hurricane Irma. Curfews are in place in portions of Coral Gables 7 p.m. Regardless, Coral Gables and Miami-Dade County emergency managers have urged people to stay in their homes. Curfews are usually put in place after a storm, “when you suffer a number of power outages, etc.

Morgan said a storm that dumped six inches of rain on the area the day before Irma hit made matters worse.“I hate to use the term, but this was the perfect storm.

It was the tidal surge, combined with all the rain from the nor’easter, which was six inches, and then Irma dumped another 10 to 15 inches.