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Coincidentally, Steve, unaware of Stella's identity, offers to go out on a date with her.Charlie devises a plan using explosives to blow the safe while Stella is on the date with Steve, using three heavily modified Mini Coopers to transport the gold out of the mansion.Mashkov connects the murder to Charlie through Skinny Pete.Further uneased, Steve makes plans to transport the gold to Mexico City by a private plane from Los Angeles International Airport after transporting it there in an armored car.Charlie gathers the team, and also recruits John's daughter Stella, a skilled private safe cracker, offering her the chance to get revenge on Steve for her father's death.They stake out Steve's mansion, and Stella, disguising herself as a cable technician, is able to map out its interior, allowing them to determine the location of Steve's safe containing the bullion.At Union Station, the cars are loaded onto a train car with the help of Wrench.

On the day of transport, they are surprised when three armored trucks leave Steve's mansion, but Napster is able to determine which one carries the bullion, and manipulates the traffic accordingly.They race from the subway to the Los Angeles River and through the city, pursued by Steve's henchmen on motorcycles, with Napster helping to create a green wave to evade traffic.Steve himself eventually leaves his helicopter and steals a truck to follow them to Union Station.Gray had been interested in working with Wahlberg since seeing his performance in Boogie Nights (1997).After reading the script for The Italian Job, Gray contacted Wahlberg, who "fell in love with it" after reading it himself.