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The truth, however, is that the mental fantasies and recreations come from somewhere; the ideas and images did not plant themselves in your mind.You watched something, read something, listened to something.I am not beating on you if you are struggling at this moment; I just want to help you see it as God does so you can go to Him for help.As my husband noted sometimes back “There is something curiously powerful about sex.By obeying your word.” Psalm 119:9 So let us as look at different Scriptures and try to gain some clarity; Indulging in an unhealthy craving does not necessarily cure or satisfy the craving.If anything, it exacerbates it; the more you entertain it, the less likely you are to stop.

Intimacy was never meant to be a solo self-gratifying experience.

God is waiting for us to surrender our desires to Him. When we make the Lord our hope and refuge, instead of our abilities, we are assured of victory.

It might not be an overnight sprint, but as we continually rely upon and trust Him, victory will surely come.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget that simple truth.

And an early sign of deception in the human heart is believing that it can save itself; thinking that somehow we can work things out without our Savior’s help.

Masturbation on cam dating sites