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Her husband, George Pratt, a graduate of Yale University and a lawyer, was the son of the first Bela Lyon Pratt of East Weymouth, Massachusetts.As Sarah Victoria held her infant boy, Bela Lyon Pratt, in her arms, it is doubtful she had any inkling that, by the turn of the century, he would already have carved out a strong artistic reputation for himself.She had taken some lessons in modeling and sent word to Bela by one of the children saying she would give him some clay if he would come see her.He went, received the clay and at once modeled a lion’s head!Although his sculptures reflected little of the more “modern” cubist school, the character of his pieces was always clearly American in their demeanor.Pratt’s wife, Helen Lugarda Pray Pratt, also a fine sculptor herself, carefully preserved quantities of photographs of his works, numerous articles referring to his work, as well as historic letters and documents.There he enjoyed farming activities such as raising chickens and cows.

His death came at a time when the art scene was shifting away from European influence to a truly American School.

They tell of his colleagues, his family, his struggles and successes, all the while defining what is now referred to as “The Boston School of Art.” They are a veritable treasure trove of information, carved from his own hand. Follow the transformation of a work of sculpture from the initial idea to reality. This article and photograph provided courtesy of the Bela Lyon Pratt Historical Society.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, Bela Lyon Pratt, eminent American sculptor enters the 21st century! Copyright 2011, Bela Lyon Pratt Historical Society, All Rights Reserved.

His love of music lead him to play cello, guitar and oboe much to his family’s delight.

He had a wry sense of humor which often carried him through times of “blues” and anxieties over finances.