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Jim admits, "I had a six-month affair with a woman who made me feel like I walked on air." Even though he stopped the affair, he still wishes his wife could show that she appreciates him every now and then. "From our honeymoon on, my wife voiced her suspicions that I was cheating.Remember to give your hubby at least one compliment a day—no matter how small—to remind him how much he still means to you.8. I knew this was because her father had an affair, but what did that have to do with me?" Since neither of you are mind readers, it's essential to keep lines of communication open.Make sure your husband knows that if you do something to upset him, both of you need talk about it.7. Even if your sex life is strong, singing his praises will only make it stronger.

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Paying attention and being a good listener to your partner could save time, money and possibly your relationship.Jane Greer, New York-based marriage and sex therapist and author of : "the thrill of the chase and conquest, a sexual addiction, [feeling that he's] deprived or unhappy with the amount of sex they're having with their partner, emotionally upset and feel their needs aren't met by their partner," or that he wants to boost his ego and feel attractive... There are, however, usually two clear-cut, overarching reasons that men cheat: Something's going wrong in the relationship, or there's something in that guy's DNA that predisposes his eye to wander."Cheating is a symptom generally of relational problems, and sometimes cheating is indicative of an individual's problem," says Laurie Watson, sex therapist and host of the podcast Foreplay."The philandering guy who's got a girlfriend at every hotel for business, that's a different kind of cheating than the man who has an affair with his colleague.", he found that 47 percent of the men he spoke to cheated because they were emotionally unsatisfied, something that runs counterintuitive to what popular culture might dictate that we believe.However recent statistics suggest there are a rising number of unfaithful married women who are cheating on their husbands.It's still something of a taboo for a woman to cheat on her husband, but at The Affair Site, we don't judge!