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Toki and Skwisgaar call him on it, pointing out that nobody was bothering them before he came along, Skwisgaar even jokingly asks if Murderface frequents "the doubles douche from road hells" if he thinks bars are unsafe for women.

Even though the information has only been available to the public for a short time, a significant portion of female fans already started making chaos to get Nathan's attention.Crozier says that there is an even more dangerous group of women: the Succuboso Explosion group led by Lavona Succuboso.Their goal is to capture Nathan and breed him with his female followers.Nathan replies that she was the ultimate girlfriend, Pickles and Murderface accurately point out that he liked her more for her unconsciousness (and thus inability to forbid him to do what he likes) than anything else.Nathan says that after some thought, he wants to start dating again.