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The House passed the four-bill package in a series of votes mostly along party lines that prompted spirited debate.Supporters said it would extend constitutional rights to gun owners, while opponents argued it would endanger public safety without current rules required under the state’s 17-year-old concealed carry law.Donna Lasinski, D-Ann Arbor.“This is as much a coat tax as a fee for a marriage license is a walking-down-the-aisle tax,” said Rep. “If you want the responsibility of carrying concealed, you intentionally get the permit.And getting a permit’s a good thing.”Gun rights activists disputed critics’ claims about safety, saying the government has no place mandating responsible gun ownership under the constitution.Adkins was sentenced to four years, two months to 15 years in June 2000.He was released in 2010, returned to prison in 2012 on a technicality, and then was released for good in 2014."There were several things that we were throwing around, but nothing has been decided."The new business, Cereal City Food Auction, would have been located next to Hall of Toys."I'm glad my customers won't have to worry about feeling safe in the area and in the store, and I wish him luck in either opening in another location or whatever future endeavors he chooses," Hall of Toys owner Brett Hall said.Lansing — Any legal firearm owner could carry a concealed gun without a permit or mandatory training under a controversial plan the Michigan House approved Wednesday.

Stockbridge school officials said Moran worked at the district during the 2016-17 school year as a long-term substitute teacher and girls soccer coach.Allyson Brittany Moran, 26, was arrested Thursday in Illinois, Michigan State Police said.She would face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.Under current law, Michigan residents must complete a gun safety class to carry a gun without a permit, but the legislation eliminates the training requirement.Democrats said the bills would allow misdemeanor offenders, including some sexual offenders such as stalkers, to carry concealed pistols.