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It was brought to Japan around 610 AD, and then moved to Vietnam and India at the beginning of the 6th century.It took a thousand years after its invention for proper paper to reach Europe.He made his paper by boiling up all the raw materials with wood ash or lime for up to 35 days.Another vital ingredient was birch leaves, from which the mucilage was drained out for strengthening the paper, and giving it evenness and smoothness.

This was stone-tablet rubbing, very similar to brass rubbing in principle.

During the Tang Dynasty (618-907) the technique spread across Asia, through Philippines, Vietnam, Korea and Japan..

But although it was a great advance, this block printing technology had a serious drawback.

The only significant difference between the paper you print on from your computer and the Chinese paper is the 'filler' we now use to make the paper really smooth. Before printing was invented, knowledge could only be passed on my word of mouth, or by extremely expensive handwritten manuscripts.

Not only was it expensive, but it was slow, and there was no guarantee each copy would be the same.