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Learn how to plan a workshop for developing a unified email strategy.

Time and resources are almost always limited, and strategic email planning for business communications is both important and complex.

We’ll also take time to look at your own campaigns and work through solutions to improve your next send.

Each attendee will be eligible to submit a campaign for inclusion.

Be prepared to bring a laptop and get your hands dirty with hacks!

You've spent hours crafting a perfect email only to discover that it never made it to the inbox. Learn the basic concepts of deliverability, how to improve delivery rates, and how you can sustain deliverability through design, segmentation, and frequency.

There are so many email design best practices in our world right now, it can be difficult to discern which are the right ones to apply to your own work—some of the advice even seems to contradict itself!

In this talk, we'll walk through the design and development of an email, showing at each step (imagery, typography, content layout, code structure) how we can practically encourage a culture of data collaboration between designers, developers and marketers to make the best design choices for your brand.

Impostor Syndrome holds us back and tells us that we don't deserve to be here, but it's wrong.

We're gonna name, recognize, and take steps to overcome Impostor Syndrome—because when we push past that uncomfortable feeling and force ourselves into uncharted territory, that's where the good stuff happens.

Creating great lifecycle emails is a juggling act of getting all three components of message, person, and timing all right.

Kick off the festivities on Wednesday night with a party and Community meet-up!

The Mailjet crew will be welcoming attendees at The Barking Crab (an iconic waterfront spot) for drinks, crab cakes, and cornhole.