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I don't crave validation, but it is heartwarming to know there's a welcoming community of friendly women who have nothing but lovely things to say about other women.Nonetheless, three days in, I couldn't help but feel that I was a long way off making a new best friend.This led to discussions about our relationship, and our wants and needs. – In love with BF, Boston First, stop referring to him as your best friend. The friendship has been secondary to the romantic stuff, and it's clear that you've always wanted more than hugs and bananas. Mourn the loss of his attention and think about what you might want from your next relationship (more than two nights a week, a bigger commitment, etc.). Keep your distance – because if you want to be this guy's wife, you shouldn't be anywhere near him. First of all, I set about making a profile to attract potential friends.

We have talked about this various times in our relationship.

We have the most loving, supportive, caring, positive, uplifting relationship we have both ever been in. Then pretty consistent sex, which is secondary in our relationship but wonderful. He has always been clear about is relationship status – he wants to be free.

He is scared of commitment and feels he is a terrible boyfriend.

Never, in real life, have I rejected a potential friend based on their appearance in a couple of photographs.

Just like Tinder, if you haven't made up your mind about a potential match, you can click on their profile to see more photos, and to read a very brief bio — that is, if they've written anything.